How to clean a hog roasting machine

Cleaning and Maintenance

The inside of the pig roasting machine should be cleaned systematically in order to avoid the buildup of fatty oils that can cause fire. Also we strongly recommend that you clean the pig roast machine thoroughly after each use paying particular attention to the pilot lights. If the roasting machine isn’t properly cleaning straight after each use the pilot lights can become blocked which will cause lighting problems when you come to use the machine again.

We recommend that after each use you complete the cleaning schedule below.

Isolate the gas supply before commencing cleaning. After allowing the appliance to cool, remove the roasting tray and scrape any excess fat and grease off this. Soak this in a bucket of hot soapy water for ease of cleaning later on.

All parts can be cleaned in a commercial dishwasher, with the exception of the motor and gas regulator, we recommend that you place all the spit parts in a bucket of hot soapy water and leave to soak whilst cleaning the rest of the machine.

To clean the machine lid, use a soft cloth with plenty of hot soapy water and wipe the inside firmly, for stubborn stains, use a household strength cream cleaner.

For the outside surface of the door, take care not to use any abrasive products or spoil the finish as this is the part the customer will see.

Insert the drain port stopper into the drain port so the internal surfaces can be cleaned. Place the pilot light cover over the pilot assembly to protect them from the hot soapy water. Using a standard de-greasing product such as washing up liquid with hot water, take a soft cloth and wash the interior of the machine. Again, for more stubborn marks, use a cream cleaner. The drain port stopper can be removed in order to drain the appliance of cleaning fluids and for rinsing.

To clean the stainless steel side panels, use an abrasive pad together with cream cleaner and scrub well, if the marks are persistent, a metal scourer can be used.

To polish up the outside of these stainless panels, fine grade wet and dry paper can be used gently to bring up an even finish.

To clean the burners, take a metal scourer and some hot soapy water and scrub gently, rinse well.

Retrieve the spit accessories and carving tray from the bucket and use a metal scourer to clean – this should be easy as any dried fat should have softened in the soaking process. Rinse.

Light the machine and leave burning for at least 5 minutes to dry out thoroughly. If the pilot light is wet and will not light, use a sharp object (i.e. a metal nail) to unblock the hole where gas is dispensed as water could be obstructing the flow to the pig roast machine.