Scrumptious Salads & Sides

Turn your hog roast into a sit-down meal with our scrumptious salads selection

Sit down scrumptious salads

All salads are fresh and homemade

So much better than store bought, our scrumptious salads are freshly made and the perfect accompaniment to pork. We have some great combinations for your taste buds. Check out the salad choices below (which provide big nutritional benefits) that we can toss up for you. We can give your salads an added dollop of antioxidants by making our own healthy salad dressings – we do our very best to source locally grown ingredients to support our community and help the environment.

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Fresh fruit and vegetables stall

Arrow Valley Hog Roast scrumptious salads and sides

Our list of salads and sides may occasionally change or get updated from time to time. . . but just so you know, this isn’t a complete list of what we can offer. If there’s a side or salad that you fancy – please just ask.

Gourmet salad item per head: £1.00

Traditional salad item per head: £0.50

We’re very flexible with our sides and salads. We find that some people are big fans of eating olives or having anchovies in their scrumptious salads, whilst others are just not. If there is something that you would particularly like or you know that your guests would really enjoy, please tell us. Call Arrow Valley Hog Roast today on 07955 190 052 or send an email to us [email protected]

National Food Hygiene Rating System

Arrow Valley Hog Roast has achieved the top rating of ‘5’ on the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme, which means that our hog roast business was found to have ‘very good’ hygiene standards.

Call us on 07955 190 052 for a friendly chat.

Arrow Valley Hog Roast Food Hygiene Rating 5